New Year New You: 4 Ways To Look Younger Without Botox

We all wanna stay #ForeverYoung, but cosmetic procedures like botox and facelifts can be costly and painful. If you’re looking for painless and affordable ways to hold on to your youthful looks, you’ve come to the right place! Here are needle-free ways to achieve a firmer and plumper-looking complexion!

Eat Fresh 

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Avoid consuming too much sugar daily. A slice of cake every now and then won’t kill you but when you have too much sugar in your diet, glycation will occur. Glycation weakens the collagen and elastic in your skin (meaning you’ll lose that youthful plump appearance).


Ditch processed foods and consume fresh foods. Eat more fish that are high in omega-3 fatty acids which promotes healthy and glowing skin! Spinach is an excellent vegetable that you should be eating more of, as it’s rich in beta-carotene (which converts into the anti-aging Vitamin A). It’ll allow for proper moisture retention in your skin, which prevents the formation of wrinkles!



Drink Up 

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Not drinking enough water is one of the most common bad habits that dry out your skinIf your system is dehydrated, that means your skin is too. Dehydrated skin = wrinkles! Stay hydrated throughout the day with any of these delicious detox waters that are super easy and cheap to DIY. They’re not as boring as plain old water and are chock-full of vitamins!



Follow The Rules 

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You can slather on pricey creams and pay for expensive facial treatments but none of that will matter if you don’t take care of your skin every single day. You’ll start to see the difference within a month!



Change Your Makeup Routine 

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If you’ve got dry skin, dump any powder products as they dry out your skin even more and can accentuate lines.

That’s a wrap, folks! Hope you enjoyed the brief breakdown. Stay beautiful and lit throughout 2017 😌


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