Looking for Halloween costumes for you and your partner or BFF this year? We all know we’re gonna see a ton of Joker & Harlequin costumes this year and we’re sure you don’t wanna look just like everyone else. The only way you can make sure that you don’t turn up in the exact same outfit as someone else is to make your own costume!

Keep scrolling for some serious Halloween outfit inspiration that are stunning and thankfully, so simple to DIY!

Mad Max

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We love Mad Max for its strong feminist message and of course, the amaaaazing costumes in the movie. To recreate the badass, biker meets tribal warrior looks, you will need a little makeup and a great imagination.

Dig out any old clothes from your wardrobe that you don’t wear anymore (preferably in neutral colors like cream, brown, black and grey), rip them up in strategic spots and layer on leather and metal accessories. Bonus points if you can be bothered to use a little makeup or paint to stain your outfit to make it look like you’ve really been down and dirty. Finish off your looks with messy hair and combat boots.

Here are some tips on how to distress and stain your unwanted apparel to make it look super legit.

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Bonnie & Clyde 

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Hands down one of the most stylish outlawed couples in history, Bonnie & Clyde are the perfect inspiration for any couple looking for last minute costume ideas. You can create any of their iconic looks by mixing and matching items from your own closets! Bonnie, don’t forget the silk scarf and beret, and for Clyde, all you need is a sharp suit and a fedora. If you can score toy guns to complete your outfits, that would be the cherry on top!

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The Great Gatsby

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Relive the roaring 20’s and all that jazz by channeling F. Scott Fitzgerald’s beautiful debutante Daisy Buchanan and the mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby.

This is an incredibly chic costume option for a big group of girls too. Imagine all that glitz! Pick a party dress (anything that has sequins, lace or fringe) and accessorize with elbow-length satin or lace gloves, pearl necklaces and a beaded headband. Wanna go all out? Add a feather boa or faux fur shawl to really turn heads.

Your makeup and hair can make or break your look. Check out one of the best Gatsby hair tutorials(the costumes are beyond gorgeous too!) and this super easy hairdo!

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Photo Source

Mary Poppins & Bert

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“Anything can happen if you let it.” is a lesson both adults and kids can learn from Mary Poppins. It’s not at all difficult to dress up as Mary and Bert. For Mary, you’ll need a crisp white shirt, midi black skirt. Accessorize with her signature black hat (don’t forget the little white and red flowers on the sides!), red bow tie and white gloves. As for Bert, just throw on a grey suit (if you’re not wearing a blazer, a vest or suspenders will do), a thin red scarf and a beret.

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90’s Club Kids

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If any of the ideas we’ve mentioned above seem too dull for you, give this a go. Reinterpret the club kids of the 90’s however you want! Go full fledge retro. The key to nailing this look is to be as bold as possible.

Clash different prints and super bright colors and most importantly, don’t hold back. Don’t forget to do your hair! Are you a real club kid if you don’t have glitter in your hair? We think not. Follow this tutorial for the sparkliest hairdo ever.

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We are as stoked as everyone for Halloween, and can’t wait to parade the streets in our latest costumes! We do hope you enjoyed reading this article and do leave a feedback if you have thought of any ideas and would like to share it with everybody.

P.S. A quick tip: Any party dress with decent smudged make-up is the fastest way to pull off an extraordinary look. You can always check out the NLY Ones Party Dresses in reve app itself for the full collection that Nelly has.

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