Life Revolves Around Living, Not Around Disability

“The only disability in life is a bad attitude.”

-Scott Hamilton


If you think that the Olympics 2016 was impressive, wait till you catch the Paralympics 2016. Team reve is as gutted as anybody who followed the Paralympics now that the games are over. Despite their physical disabilities, these athletes portrayed their superhuman abilities through their performance in Rio. The grid and tenacity they displayed was out of this world.

An Opening to Remember

The games kicked off on September 7th, 2016 with a great ceremony in Rio, the highlight of which was a pyrotechnic-filled show that ended with Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham “flying” down a  six-story high mega ramp and launching into a full flip through a large ring, all that done on a wheelchair?!?!

If you missed the opening of the 2016 Rio Paralympics, you can see the highlights from the ceremony here.

reve would like to pay tribute to all the athletes for not only giving their best but for inspiring mankind. They train just as hard as their Olympic counterparts and definitely deserve as much credit for their performance.

We might not be able to match the performance of the athletes, but the minimum we can do is to show our appreciation to them. This post on Paralympics Fashion is to show that they are no different from any of us. In fact, they look better than most of us.

asos_paralympicsChief Executive Officer at, Nick Robertson stated: “We are proud to be the formalwear supplier for the Paralympics GB team. We are excited at the opportunity to showcase the very best of our design house by creating a fashionable moment for the team. At ASOS we believe fashion is democratic and what better platform to celebrate than this?”
paralympic-outfits-for-team-germanyTeam Germany
cpc1Team Canada
jonnie-peacockJonnie Peacock, Team Great Britain sprinter
paralympics-1900x700_cTeam Great Britain
Vogue_Australia-500x337.jpgTriathlete Emma Moffat (left) and paralympic swimmer Ellie Cole (right) in Vogue Australia
130716180916911_151284387Brazil’s Terezinha Guilhermina is famous for her spectacular performances and outfits
70ac6d3266d1760b53e4dd71a50c1c47.jpegMadison de Rozario from Australia bringing joy to the community with her contagious smile
socialfeed-info-introducing-the-2016-looks-of-the-swedish-olympic-team-and-swedish-paralympicTeam Sweden
Joining Caitlyn Jenner are stalwarts like Chelsea Werner, a gymnast who has never let Down Syndrome stop her from pursuing her dreams, surfer Mike Coots who still takes to his board even though he lost his leg in a shark attack and boxer Namibia Flores who has fought against prejudice to make it big in life.

It certainly makes us sad that the Paralympics got far less exposure and recognition when they deserve it just as much. The next Paralympics will be held in Tokyo, Japan in 2020. Do remember to support your local heroes in the next games! They trained as hard as or even harder than our able-bodied athletes and will definitely go a long way with our support!


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